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ADM Alliance Nutrition’s strong commitment to developing innovative, technologically advanced, and performance proven products is evident by their ability to enable dairy cows to be more productive with more efficiency.

observed in cows fed at the lower rate of one ounce per head per day. This low feeding rate produced more positive responses than higher amounts of RumeNext-D. Four herds in Pennsylvania were then utilized to determine the effect of RumeNext-D supplementation in commercial dairy settings. All cows remained on the same ration with half of the cows in each herd top-dressed with RumeNext-D. After 30 days, the cows fed RumeNext-D were producing six pounds more milk and had a three-pound advantage after 60 days.

Currently, three trials are being conducted in Canada to determine if there is an interaction between RumeNext-D and monensin. This information will provide us with even more support for use of the product in herds under different management practices. NutraBOOST™/BreederBOOST™ Development of NutraBOOST and BreederBOOST was strongly influenced by field nutritionists and producers. Feeding of a fermentation meal was noted by an ADM Alliance Nutrition dairy specialist to decrease somatic cell counts (SCC). After feeding this meal for 30 days, one farm saw a drop in SCC from 465,000 to 118,000, while another went from 666,333 to 230,000.

Another farm, which had an initial SCC of 775,000, dropped to 333,230 after 30 days and 210,000 after 60 days. Due to these dramatic results, the research group initiated a feeding trial in Michigan. The result of feeding this fermentation meal combined with other ingredients was an increase in milk production of 4.8 pounds after five weeks. There was no change in SCC; however, the herd was very healthy and the average count was very low prior to the start of the study. These results led to the formulation of NutraBOOST, which utilizes fermentation meal due to its favorable impact on milk production and SCC.

Based on their known positive impact on immune function, complexed zinc, vitamin E, and a botanical are also included in NutraBOOST. NutraBOOST combines natural ingredients to enhance feed efficiency and positively influence immune function. BreederBOOST was formulated by the research group at the request of an ADM Alliance Nutrition dealer. The dealer was satisfied with NutraBOOST performance, yet was interested in the addition of selenium yeast and additional antioxidants to even further enhance immune function.

BreederBOOST contains fermentation meal, organic trace minerals, natural source vitamin E, organic selenium, and a plant botanical. All of these ingredients have been extensively researched and have been shown to have a positive impact on animal health and performance. This product has consistently provided somatic cell count reductions and better reproductive performance in dairy cattle. NutraThirst™ Alliance® Animal Health offers NutraThirst, a product that provides essential nutrients and microbials in a palatable “drinkable drench” form for use immediately after freshening.

This sweet smelling powder contains multiple energy and calcium sources, which help prevent ketosis and milk fever, microbial sources, which improve gut health and rumen function, niacin to enhance appetite, and electrolytes to help rehydration. Two pounds of NutraThirst mixed with five gallons of warm water ensures that cows receive adequate fluids after calving, along with needed nutritional support during this stressful time. All of the ingredients in NutraThirst have researchdocumented benefits for the dairy cow at calving. Research determined the best dose of each ingredient and created a formulation. The product was then demonstrated with herds in the Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest regions. Producers’comments include: • If you get them the bucket soon enough after calving it’s no problem to get it into them! • The cows really took off, great appetites and milk followed. • I will continue to use NutraThirst because two of the three cows I used it on were fifth and sixth lactation. I got it into both of them within a 1/2 hour and they both took off very well! • I had a cow calve over night and I gave her a bucket of drench in the morning. She drank it, which never would have happened with the drench product I was using before. • Cows will lick the bucket once it is empty and fight to keep it. • I am very impressed with how well the cows drink NutraThirst. • This is much easier to give cows than gel tubes, bottles, or manual drenches. Conclusion ADM Alliance Nutrition’s strong commitment to developing innovative, technologically advanced, and performance proven products is evident by their ability to enable dairy cows to be more productive with more efficiency. Products must first pass research protocols, followed by research trials, and then prove themselves in field tests. The results are products that dairy producers can depend on to deliver results.

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